About Snowland Treks & Expedition

The Company is laid in 2017 when Mr. Ram Adhikari established Snowland Treks & Expedition in Nepal having an idea of making things simple while Trekking and traveling in Nepal, as it sounds, is an excellent opportunity to see Nepal inside and out. Soon, the company joined the Department of Tourism and has also been recognized by NTB (Nepal Tourism Board), TAAN(Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal), and NMA(Nepal Mountaineering Association).

Why with us (Snowland Adventure) among 16 hundreds other trekking company 

We are an Independent Company

We are an independent company at the forefront of trekking in the high-altitude mountains and mountain-routes of Nepal. A popular destination among trekkers from around the world, Nepal has huge opportunities for you as the country is unparalleled in mountain adventure. For your next trip to Nepal, contact us to see Nepal as you have never seen before. Our expert guides and coordinators are willing to take you to some of the best places in Nepal to experience some of the best landscapes on the planet.

Our Mission is Customer Safety/Security

Your safety and security have at all times been a top priority for us since our beginning. We also provide up-to-date information about political issues, weather, health, and more. You can also check our itineraries tailored with enough acclimatization, which determines how much we care about you. Moreover, our guides are proficient with regard to technical issues and are well trained in providing first aid facility. We also carry first aid kits on every trip.

Our Exclusive Services

We offer outstanding trek and tour packages at reasonable costs from hiking to exciting trekking trails with all the adventure activities while taking care of your needs and desires. We can likewise tailor special itineraries in best costs if the selected itineraries sometimes fall short/long for you. The expenses of the packages will really appear to be lesser when linked with our outstanding facilities.

Our Social Responsibilities

Being socially liable, we contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in Nepal. Our friendly and liberal guide has a wonderful relationship with nearby local people in different places. These friendly guides truly work for the security and development of our society. Imperatively, we help programs and regularly partake in leaning campaign to bring awareness as well as keeping up a sound living environment. Along with that we, Snowland Treks & Expedition is highly dedicated to preserving the environment. Therefore, we always put high efforts in conducting eco-friendly tours and treks. We make sure our arrival in any region of Nepal will not affect its surroundings and environment.

Factors which makes us Unique

Our proficient Team Members are enthusiastic and experienced along with our guides who are all around prepared with adequate knowledge about different places, the culture just as history. Moreover, they are liberal, attentive and blissful and give a global standard of administration by making your voyage a remarkable affair. As a matter of fact, The owner has experience from potter, trekking guide for more than 15 years and now as a trekking and tour business runner has done 80% of trekking route in Nepal including great Himalayan trails. So, he can easily understand the psychology and provide the services to his Client.

Our Vision

Our vision in Snowland Treks & Expedition isn't just committed to executing extraordinary trips, yet we are also handing out incredible services that turn it into a memorable experience. We trust that the effort by our expert colleagues is a perfect commitment to the travel industry in Nepal. We are really proud to convey several travel packages and take pride in connecting voyagers with the well known and untravelled trails in Nepal.

“We are Snowland Treks & Expedition and welcome you to be part of one of the most thrilling and rejuvenating trips in this Himalayan country, Nepal.”