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  • Destination: Nepal


Opportunity to watch the mountain range from the above

Chance to share sky with flying birds

See the mountain with closer distance

Opportunity to experience life of free bird in the air

Capture your priceless moment

Enjoy the beauty of nature

Paragliding gives the opportunity to experience the life of a free bird in the air with an aerial view of the mountain. Paragliding is an adventure sport that offers a breathtaking view of majestic mountains and clouds surrounding yourself, green lust forest, blue lakes, temple, monastery, beautiful villages, and valley. Pokhara and Kathmandu are popular for paragliding destinations. There are options whether you can fly solo or with world-class pilots through which paragliding has been categorized for the adventure lovers and are listed below:


Tandem flight

During the tandem flight, there is the involvement of the pilot with the passenger. The pilot will have a separate harness and the passenger will have a separate harness in front of the pilot. Both the harnesses will be attached to each other with the wing. Harnesses are for the safety of adventurers which will be comfortable and attached to the seats. The passenger can have their priceless moment captured with their camera.


Solo flying

An experienced paraglider can fly themselves but the permit is required to fly on their own. Permit for solo flying can be obtained from civil aviation which will cost $45 and is valid for 15 days, also can renew after expiration. For the permit passport size photo, passport copy, visa copy, insurance copy, and paragliding license are required.


Cross country

Cross country is flying in unchartered territory crossing over hundreds of kilometers over the green forest, valleys, lakes, villages, rivers, temples, monastery, and so on until the next available destination which is adventurous. After landing a cab or jeep is hired to the main city. Every day the route and lading destination could be changed according to the weather condition.


Note: Paragliding lovers can get international driving licenses in Nepal but there is the risk of getting closer to domestic airlines. To avoid these circumstances following the rules and regulations of flying policies of Nepal would be better. Equipment for solo travelers could be hired in Nepal if they don’t have any.



Paragliding Destinations

There is two main paragliding destination in Nepal which are Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Pokhara: In Pokhara, we take a 15-20 minutes ride from Pokhara to Sarankot. Sarankot is a take-off point or place for paragliding in Pokhara, which offers views of Fewa Lake, mountains such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu with Pokhara valley and so on. The landing takes place on Fewa Lake and we take a short drive to Pokhara.

Kathmandu: In Kathmandu, we take a ride from Thamel, Kathmandu to Godavari village (a beautiful place in Lalitpur District). This is a take-off point for paragliding. Here, paragliding will offer a panoramic view of Langtang Himalayas with many other small peaks, stunning Kathmandu valley, and green lust forest of Phulchowki hill. After landing we return to Thamel.


Best season & time for paragliding

As long as there is an absence of thermal and rain, paragliding can be done throughout the year but mostly the peak season is as the normal tourist season which is March-May and September-October. August is also known as for the lucky people, If you are lucky enough to see the lust forest-vegetation and thundering river you should try.

The time we offer for the paragliders are 10 am 12 pm and 2 pm. In this period mostly, the earth will be warmer and the sun creates thermals which will be necessary to lift up. For the less turbulent and calm flight, the early morning flight is chosen by the paragliders.


Booking Condition

For booking, the paragliders are needed to contact earlier at-least 1 day earlier through email, phone, or visiting individually, so that we can schedule everything in time and advance payment which is Nrs 1000 - 1500 is required.


For License

The paragliding course is also offered by us where the equipment is also included. The course will be held for 15 days which is going to cost USD 140 per day and he/she will get an international paragliding license. i.e. License to paraglide all over the world.



Standard flight = Rs. 8000 ($80)

Cross-country = Rs. 12,000 ($120)

What’s Included

  • Ride to Kathmandu/Pokhara paragliding spot.
  • Breakfast for the early morning flight and coffee for afternoon.
  • Paragliding.
  • Meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Any kinds of Drinks

Useful Information

paraglading in Nepal:

Paragliding is one of the most exciting and adventure activities in the world. flying like a birds is a dream of every single person. Nepal is a mountain country which is more interesting to fly in the sky, there fore many paragliding company offer solo,Tandem,and cross country flight from Kathmandu and pokhara. The Sarangkot in Pokhara is one of the unique destination for paragliding. Sarangkot is known as one of the five top commercial tandem paragliding location in the world. Snowland adventure offer you to get the lifetime experience to fly from the this stunning view point sarangkot and give the 30 minutes vedio of your paragliding.

Paragliding Difficulty:

Flying in sky means the weather and winds condition is the most important  thinks to observe. Never try any tandem or cross country paragliading if the weather is bad or if the wind is very havey. After food or evening time is not a good idea to do the paragliding.

Best time to do the Paragliding:

Spring, Summer ,Autumn and Winter this four seasons you can do the paragliding.Only the monsoon time the weather is not clear. Snowland adventure is the team of professional, and our guest's safety and comfort is our priority. We will make sure, with us, this trip will become the lifelong memory of your life. For any other information regarding paragliding cost, paragliding place, and the schedule, please feel free to contact us. Or you may can visit our other most popular trekking destinations like the Manaslu circuit trek  and  the Everest base camp trek.


Due to the global warming the weather into the mountain and  hilly region is change unusually. Because of this, we are facing some problem of bad weather, heavy rainfall, land side, highway blocked, flight delayed or even also cancelled for a day. Some time because of the road traffic, we couldn't arrive on time. It may  happen any time of the year because we can't predictable about the weather condition and other situation.Therefore, if possible, we would like to suggest to add an extra supplement day before your international flight. If everything going well, you have a beautiful day to visit any interested place of the historical city.